Fish tank guide


Keeping an aquarium can be really fun, and even low maintenance. This basic fish tank guide will help you learn the basics when it comes to fish tanks. Once you are aware of the procedures and precautions of keeping fish, the rewards are very satisfying, and maintenance can be minimal. Some things may seem daunting and you do need to put in a lot of effort when first setting up your tank and learning how to maintain it. Be careful not to rush into things, and do your research before hand.

Some fish require different water parameters, and some can be hard to keep. However there a lot of beautiful fish that are very easy to keep, as long as you do your part in keeping the tank clean, healthy and safe for your fish. A fish shop, or a quick google search should point you in the right direction when choosing fish.

cycling your aquarium

First things first

Cycling a fish tank

The aquarium nitrogen cycle is something every fish keeper should be aware of. Cycling your fish tank is the first, and most important step in fish keeping. Which unfortunately most newcomers to the hobby miss out. A common mistake, most of us have done it. After setting up your aquarium, before you add any fish, you… Read More

Aquarium drift wood guide

Beginners Aquarium Guide

Aquariums come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Any beginners aquarium guide will tell you, the bigger the aquarium, the better. The bigger the tank, the more room the fish have, but also less chance for drastic changes in water parameters, which can lead to fish deaths. Bowls are not recommended, for any fish. Bowls… Read More

Aquarium Live Stock Shrimp illustration

How to Care for Aquarium Fish

Before purchasing any live stock, as in fish, shrimp or even snails, sufficient research must be read up about the species so you know how to care for aquarium fish. You need to know the correct parameters to ensure the survival of the animal. Fish can be very easy to keep once you know which conditions… Read More

Aquarium filtration guide

Aquarium filtration

An aquarium filter is an absolute essential. It is the heart of your tank. The filter not only keeps your water clean (mechanical filtration) but also neutralises the harmful chemicals your fish produce like ammonia (biological filtration). Your filter must stay on permanently. Before adding fish to any aquarium the filter needs to be ‘cycled’…. Read More

Aquarium heating guide

Aquarium heater guide

Heating your tank can be the difference between keeping cold water fish, or being able to keep tropical fish. Here’s a quick aquarium heater guide. All fish species require different temperature ranges. This is according to where they originate from in the wild. Using a simple heater A simple heater is used to accommodate any fish, as… Read More

Aquarium planted tank guide

Fish tank plants

Live aquarium plants are a fantastic addition to any fish tank. Not only are they a natural decoration, but they can be very beneficial. Plants can use up some of the harmful chemicals in your water. Fish waste produces harmful chemicals, and plants use those certain chemicals as a fertiliser. A natural cycle. This helps with… Read More

Aquarium substrate guide

Fish tank substrate

Substrate is the word we use for the gravel used at the bottom of a fish tank. It’s beneficial to the tank as it not only mimics the fishes natural habitat, but it’s also required to grow most plant species. You can purchase multiple different brands of all different colours and sizes of gravel. The… Read More

Decoration in the aquarium guide

Fish tank decorations

Fish tank decorations are fun, but knowing what’s safe to add is important. The standard fish tank decorations you can buy are obviously fine. Aside from plants, other types of decoration include wood and rocks. These may need some preparation before hand, just to be on the safe side. Rocks Rocks such as your standard boulders… Read More