Aquarium drift wood guide

Beginners Aquarium Guide

Aquariums come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Any beginners aquarium guide will tell you, the bigger the aquarium, the better. The bigger the tank, the more room the fish have, but also less chance for drastic changes in water parameters, which can lead to fish deaths. Bowls are not recommended, for any fish. Bowls however if large enough can support live inhabitants such as Shrimp, a popular shrimp choice is the Red Cherry Shrimp. Some fish require long tanks as they are more active and need the swimming room. Whereas some fish will do fine in smaller square tanks, such as the popular and beautiful Betta fish.

Starting out

When starting out with your first aquarium, a good option could be to buy one of those all-in-one tank kits. These include the filter, light and sometimes a heater. If you have a particular fish in mind, make sure you know it’s space requirements before purchasing the tank, or the fish. Some of these kits can come with underpowered filters however, so if you decide to keep a lot of fish be sure to upgrade your filter. The bigger, the better.


Deciding where to put your fish tank is important, as it’s difficult to move afterwards. It’s best to avoid any direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will quickly introduce algae build up, and turn your tank green, which can sometimes be hard to remove. You will also need to place the tank near electrical sockets. The tank needs to placed on a flat, level surface, that is very strong, as fish tanks can be very heavy. If using a normal unit, or stand that isn’t meant to hold a fish tank, make sure it’s reinforced.